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gitlab @ dikutal

29. september 2014 - 3:09

Why not use a little room and add gitlab to the dikutal site? would be great for uni and pet projects alike. And who knows? If DIKU has a common place for pet projects, maybe some of those good ideas might actually turn out to be something :D


Help in Proactive Computer Security.

29. juli 2014 - 16:26

I'm looking for some help in Proactive Computer Security, which I'm taking the re-exam in in august. I would like hear if anybody would be interested in helping me with this, by meeting me at diku and going throu subjects for Proactive Computer Security. I will ofcourse pay you for your time.

I can be contacted on this email: jakethesnake2x@gmail.com

Hvordan klager man? How do I file formal complaints?

8. juli 2014 - 3:00

Hvis man har fået en uretfærdig karakter til en eksamen,

  • Hvad er mine muligheder så for at klage?
  • Hvem klager jeg til?
  • Hvad kan jeg risikere/forvente at der kommer til at ske?
  • Er der nogen eksempler på folk som har fået medhold i en klage?
  • Kan jeg få hjælp til formulering af min klage?

If I get an unfair grade at an exam,

  • What are my options for filing a formal complaint?
  • Who do I complain to?
  • What can I risk/expect will come of it?
  • Are there any examples of people whose complaint was won?
  • Can I get help to formulating my complaint?