6. Februar 2013 - 15:15 - 17:15

Participate and experience how an application evolves feature by feature - where each one is verified, delivered and deployed automatically. The application will be developed by the audience during the show. This is a live show-case of the "every commit is a potential release" doctrine.

THIS SHOW IS HELD AT AUDITORIUM 5 AT HCØ in collaboration with Datalogisk Institut, Købehavns Universitet (DIKU)

NOTE: The location has been changed


The goal for the road show is to demonstrate the principles within Continuous Delivery - hands on.

We provide the off-set; a simple Java application located on Github and we have implemented a full fledged continuous delivery tool stack and process on a public cloud. During the show we will hand out small feature requests to the audience, who are then encouraged to:

Bring their own laptops
Join the project at Github
Pull a clone to their local work space
Implement the features
Commit and push it back to Github
Once each feature is delivered to the repository on Github, the continuous integration server (Jenkins) will discover it and immediately and automatically start a series of staged verification steps with different levels of quality assurance; build, unit test, coverage measure etc. which represent the development team's agreed standards.

If the standards at all stages are met, the feature is promoted all the way to an automated deployement, if not, the developers are instantly given a useful report that mentions the exact problem that still needs to be solved - with a new commit.

This road show is a live example of the principles within Continuous Delivery that each commit is a potential release. The audience will experience the world simplest, and most efficient software development process: Either your are done - according to standards - or your contribution is rejected!

This work process is also one of the largest contributing factors to overall success of Open Source Software; The concept that a benevolent dictator and his trusted lieutenants are watching over the central repository and all contributions are made par example by the peers and only accepted and pulled in, if the core committers accept and allow it.

Continuous Delivery if founded on the same principles. The difference is that we have replaced the dictator and his gang with a willing serf (Jenkins) and then we have automated the whole shebang.

The Continuous Delivery Road Show will feature:

  • Bue Petersen, former DIKU student now distinguished Praqma employee
  • Lars Kruse, partner and co-founder of Praqma

Psst! I will be like a geek variant of Cocktail - you do not want to miss this show!

NOTE: During the show we will need to develop and commit a handful of simple features to the Github repository, it's most fun if these are delivered by the audience. If you would like to take on the role as developer during the show, then we ask you to prepare yourself with the following steps:

  • You should be familiar with the Java programming language.
  • Bring your laptop, make sure you have a working internet connection, and your favorite Java IDE installed.
  • You should have an account on Github.

Sign in by sending us a mail on cdroadshow@praqma.net ...do it now!

The application we use is build with Maven. In due time prior to the road show we will add you to the Github project and guide you through the first clone and Maven build, just to make sure you are ready to go when the road show starts.

We need 3-5 contributions during the show, so if we get more sign-ups than that, you will do paired or teamed development.

Read more about the road show and Praqma: http://www.praqma.com/events/cdroadshow-diku

Sv: The Continuous Delivery Road Show

The location has been changed to:

H. C. Ørsted Instituttet, Universitetsparken 5

Lars Kruse

Partner & co-founder