18. august 2014 - 21:03

I followed the course Computational Geometry at DIKU in the beginning of the year. For the exam, I prepared a number of exam topic dispositions.

Download PDF here

The dispositions cover the following topics:

18. april 2014 - 17:13

I’m getting ready for my first Ludum Dare game-jam, which I intentionally will refrain from calling a competition, as that would imply that I believe there is a chance of winning, which for me at this point would be missing the point.

15. april 2014 - 12:52

I'm backAfter being off the grid since some time in august 2013. The hiatus probably has done all sorts of wonders to my already at that time not too impressive google rank :-p

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19. marts 2014 - 6:06

The New York Rangers traded Michael Rupp to the Minnesota Wild in exchange for forwards Darroll Powe and Nick Palmieri.

The move was made to shake up what had been disappointing commences for each and every crew. The Wild were hunting to add toughness, and including Rupp gives them just that he has 78 occupation fights to his credit.

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19. marts 2014 - 6:06

Above the last number of many years, there are particular factors you could count on from Jordan Staal Kris Letang Jersey. He’s usually very good for twenty ambitions regardless of not acquiring as significantly electrical power perform time as he deserves due to the fact of the depth at center in Pittsburgh.

23. februar 2014 - 23:17

The reason this blog is not getting too many updates is due to me posting over on for the time. You can find me over there at this point:

where I mostly blog on the same things as here. The medium platform is nicer as a venue for writing text and I like the layout better, which is why I now prefer it to

I might still be crossposting popular posts, but I can't promise anything.

18. oktober 2013 - 22:26

Erlangs message passing
In the programming language Erlang[0], there are functionality to pass messages between processes. This feature is used to implement communication and synchronization between different concurrent activities in an Erlang system. Other languages implement somewhat the same functionality with slightly different semantics. But in most cases, you can implement one of the semantic styles in the other style, so they are not that different in practice. Haskell has STM and MVars for instance, Golang and the Standard ML CML extension has channels, and so on.

16. oktober 2013 - 8:34

Kære DIKUpiger og eks-DIKUpiger!

Så er det blevet tid til DIKUs årlige pigemiddag, og derfor vil vi gerne have lov til at invitere dig og alle andre kvindelige DIKU- og eks-DIKUstuderende til middag på DIKU, fredag d. 15 november 2013 kl 18.

Dette er et genstartet event og vi (Alberte og jeg) håber at alle DIKU's piger vil have lyst til at møde datalogi studerende af sammen køn. Som pige på DIKU må vi holde sammen.

Håber vi ses. Husk at invitere jeres medstuderende så vi alle kan samles og hygge os.