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Lying About Cake Since 2007

The above image was kindly “borrowed” from this guy on DeviantArt

So Guillermo del Toro upcoming ”Pacific Rim” has worlds colliding in more ways than one.

As anyone who has enjoyed the videogame Portal or its sequel will instantly recognize 46 seconds into this trailer, he has simply hired Ellen Mclain, who did such an excellent job of bringing the primary antagonist of the Portal games GlaDOS to life, to voice (wait for it…) an AI in the movie.

It’s even official in the sense that Guillermo del Toro even asked the videogame company Valve for permission to use the very distinct GlaDOS voice in his movie.

While I’m not one to complain about such a minor peculiarity, it’s Tinseltowns money after all and del Toro can do with it whatever they allow him to, hearing the super distinct GlaDOS voice transposed to a completely different setting and possibly even away from the antagonistic role we’ve come to associate her with really weirded me out, effecting in considerable distancing.

At the risk of coming off like an angry old man, I think it would be fair to assess that we’re pretty far away from the Auteur territory here and much closer to a meme-motivated-cross-pollinating-instant-gratification-oriented-entertainment-industrial-complex.

And if I’m not too completely mistaken it could easily serve as an example of the “triteness and shallowness resulting from the instantaneous, direct, and superficial participation in culture made possible by the internet, mobile phones, interactive television and similar means”, of postpost-modernism or  pseudo-modernism as described in the Wikipedia article from which i totally copied the previous quotation (see what I did there? ;)).

Anyway go have a gander at the trailer below if the above has in any way piqued your interest: