We are looking for 1-3 students for a pilot project, either a bachelor project, graduate projekt or a master's thesis, where the use of cloud resources is part of the project.

The subject for the project is otherwise completely open, but you do have to find a supervisor before applying. An example of a project could be the design of a distributed algorithm, that is tested using a large Linux cluster on Amazon EC2.

Compared to a normal project, there is a small extra task that has to be solved by the student(s). Before the project can begin, the student(s), in collaboration with the supervisor, have to make a rough budget of the cloud resources needed to finish the project. In return, DIKU pays for the expenses on Amazon EC2. The student(s) do not have to pay anything in case expenses exceed the budget, but should please remember that other students might benefit from the pool of credits that DIKU has with Amazon.

Use the Amazon calculator to make your budget: http://calculator.s3.amazonaws.com/calc5.html

This is an initiative to boost the knowledge of cloud technology and big data at DIKU. We are starting out with a pilot project, so that we may learn how best to manage such projects. After that we will open up the programme so that all students at DIKU may do a cloud project using resources on Amazon EC2..

If you are interested in applying for the pilot project, please send an email to kostas@diku.dk (remember to find a supervisor for your project first).

Read more about cloud projects at DIKU on the Github page for the project:

Project info
1. Maj 2013
Contact info
Pimin Konstantin Kefaloukos