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HI PROGRAMMER. Come and join the awesome ISRPG* phone APP produktion "Spåkonespillet" (the Fortuneteller game)
Spåkonespillet is a two player game for iPhone and iPad that takes advantage of the fact that phones can talk to each other.
Instead of explayning the game concept with words I have made this video, that shows the idea very clearly:
Check out this programmer recruitment video:

I'm a student from The Danish Filmschool and i'm looking for people to join the production. We need programmers for the development of the APP, and there will allso be a lot of back end programming since we have to deal with material through a server. We use Unity for the development of the APP.
The production period is 1/8-2012 to 14/9-2012. We work all week-days from 9-16. (if you can't join us the whole period, that's allso cool)

The APP will be published on APPstore in mid september, and it's our goal to reach out to as many people with this as possible.

By joining the project you will:
- work with a small team of very talented (and nice) people (see bottom for team list)
- work on a game that will reach a lot of people, and is so funny and visionary that it's a guaranteed succes
- get free coffee every day, and cake at least twice a week
- join the project as a part of your education?? and spend your time on making a meaningfull product you can put on your CV

The team you will be joining:
Kristian Nordentoft: Director at the Danish Filmschool, student
Claudia Saginario: Producer at the Danish Filmschool, student
Rune Søgård: Art Director from The Danish Designschool, student
Eske Nørholm: Sound Designer, educated electronic composer from the Danish Musicconservatory
Jesper Holst: Programmer, educated at Medialogi, Aalborg University
Nis Eik: self taught Programmer, educated at The Danish Designschool in Kolding
Kim Borch: Programmer, volunteer, present at the production 1. - 16. aug.
Magnus Tscherning Damgaard: Graphic worker, volunteer, present at the production 6. - 16. aug.

If you are interested, please write me quick (before 26/7-12) at: (kno@filmskolen.org), or phone me at: 26503024

We only need two programmers for the team, will you be one of them?

Looking foreward to hear from you
-Kristian Nordentoft

*ISRPG stands for "Intimate Spåkone RolePlaying Game"

Project info
26. Juli 2012
Contact info
Kristian Nordentoft