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A master project in “Population based brain mapping of the serotonergic transmitter system” is available. This project will be a part of a multi-modality (PET and MR) collaboration between the Neurobiology Research Unit (NRU), Rigshospitalet, University of Copenhagen and the Martinos Center, MGH and Harvard, Boston. The Danish part of the project team, the group of Prof. Dr. Gitte Moos Knudsen and Claus Svarer at Neurobiology Research Unit is seeking an outstanding candidate highly motivated to work on the analysis of multimodality data (MR and PET) from human in vivo brain studies.

Applicants should primarily have background(s) in computational neuroscience, physics, mathematics, statistics, or related areas. Good programming skills in MATLAB, C++ or similar and experience with Linux are preferable. The project is open from June 2012 or soon thereafter and it will involve a tight collaboration with staff members at the Martinos Center in Boston. In order to achieve sufficient training and experience, the project will require a 12-months full commitment from the student. We anticipate the possibility to acquire some financial support for the stay at the Martinos center.

If the project is successful, we expect that the candidate will be able to continue as a PhD student. This project will be conducted in a tight collaboration with US based partners (Prof. Bruce Rosen and Bruce Fischl), including annual progress meetings and associated long- term work stays in Boston. Applicants should enjoy this interdisciplinary and international research environment. The working place will be NRU that is a part of the Neuroscience Center at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen, Denmark. The working language will be English. The call remains open until the position is filled. If you are interested - please send your electronic CV, list of publication (if applicable), letters of reference, research interests and a statement of motivation." to Claus.Svarer@nru.dk

More information can be found at http://nru.dk and http://cimbi.dk. Or please call Claus Svarer +45 35 45 67 16.

Project info
10. Oktober 2012
Contact info
Claus Svarer